training interactiv



  • “I am thrilled about this course, really helped me have a different overview of my team. I came to this course and I found ideas and solutions not just nice words. I have learned at my optimum pace all the knowledge transposed into practice improving my skills. Thank you !”

  • “A fost foarte interesant, captivant si de pus in practica ce am aflat la acest curs.”

  • “Extra information valuable for our knowledge; concrete examples; helpful to understand better the information.”

  • “Cursul este foarte bine structurat si contine activitati relevante pentru fiecare modul in parte. Prin structura nu permite timpi morti si este astfel foarte interactiv si util participantilor”

  • “Good trainer-exceptional if not- could see; she worked with people and has a life experience in interaction and communication.”

  • “Mi-a placut extrem de mult si chiar cred ca m-a motivat sa incerc mai mult sa aplic tot ceea ce stiu in practica de zi cu zi.”

  • “Mi-a placut f mult ca dupa fiecare "problema" (situatie) teoretica ati introdus cate un exemplu de caz pentru o mai buna intelegere. Sunt sigura ca am invatat multe in acest training.”


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